Thailand Cannabis Tourism: Things You Need to Know

Thailand cannabis tourism

It would seem like the Thailand cannabis tourism industry is flying at full tilt and up there rivaling Amsterdam. That’s how the news talks about the legal ganja situation in Thailand. What the Western media knows and thinks it knows are two entirely different things. There are a lot of half-truths being bandied around that sound like one thing but might mean another. Confused? Me too!


There are not many countries in the world where cannabis has been totally legalized for both medical and recreational uses. And Thailand is one of those, at the time of writing. And if you are thinking about visiting to partake in the Thailand cannabis tourism scene, there are a bunch of things you seriously need to know before you do. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know in order to have a productive and safe stoner vacation in the land of smiles.


Is Cannabis Really Legal in Thailand?

At the moment, it most definitely is legal to own, grow and possess any amount of cannabis in Thailand. There are only countries in the world where both the recreational and medical use of cannabis is completely legal. These countries are Thailand, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Argentina. Obviously, we can also add the American state of Colorado to that list.


There are dozens of countries where medical marihuana is legal, but recreational use is still prohibited. But the truth is that anywhere that Cannabis has been decriminalized is a step in the right direction.


Thailand’s cannabis laws changed in April 2022. Overnight, it literally went from a class-A substance in the same bracket as heroin to completely legal. Within days, Thailand weed shops and cannabis dispensaries popped up everywhere. It was one of the most amazing changes ever seen in any country. Thailand metaphorically changed from a strict Catholic convent into Las Vegas in 24 hours.


Can Foreigners Legally Buy Weed in Thailand?

Anyone over the age of 20 years old can now buy or even grow high-THC cannabis without any ID, license, or permit in Thailand. If you live in Thailand, you can grow any amount at home provided you are not selling it to others. If you do plan to sell cannabis, you need to obtain a license from the government, which is reserved for Thai people. So, in effect, there are some restrictions on foreigners, but not for basic growing or buying cannabis.


The Thailand cannabis tourism industry is only just beginning to get started. The reason why we are not seeing the same as Amsterdam is that the laws regarding the public consumption of cannabis in Thailand are still a bit sketchy. However, the simplest way to put it is that super-strong cannabis is legal to buy and possess in Thailand, so it’s essentially decriminalized. And anyone that has had to deal with the Thai police in the past due to cannabis possession can now breathe a sigh of relief.


Just remember: cannabis concentrates such as dabs, wax and oil are still prohibited, so you might want to be careful on that one.


Can I Smoke Cannabis in Thailand?

If you are thinking of partaking in a spot of Thailand cannabis tourism, you still need to be careful in many regards. You can buy it legally from licensed Thai weed shops, but you can’t smoke it on their premises or anywhere else in public. Basically, you cannot just blaze up a joint on the street or beach in Thailand. That’s still illegal. And although that might seem restrictive, it’s much better than before when you could be jailed for 10 years for possessing a joint.


The truth is that some Bangkok weed stores might allow you to smoke cannabis on-site, but if you get caught, you’ll be in deep trouble. I would suggest that you buy weed from Thailand cannabis dispensaries, and smoke it privately somewhere. Nobody is that concerned really unless you are making a scene about it.


Do Thai Weed Shops Sell High-Quality Cannabis?

Yes, they most certainly do sell high-quality cannabis. Before weed legalization in Thailand, we only had access to local Thai ganja strains, which are okay, but not like the OG stuff you get in Canada, Amsterdam, and California. Fortunately, since decriminalization and the opening of the Thailand cannabis tourism scene, you can now buy all the best cannabis stains.


Each Thai weed shop has its own menu like you would find in an Amsterdam coffee shop. Some stores are better and have more choices than others. If you shop around, you can even find some deals. When the stores first opened, top-notch OG cannabis was around 700 THB per gram, but those same strains can now be found much cheaper if you shop about for bargains. It’s currently a buyer’s market. So if you are a Thailand cannabis tourism traveler, make sure you find the best cannabis deals out there.


Thailand Cannabis Tourism Vacations

I am not sure if we are going to see an entire sector for Thailand cannabis tourism and vacations. I think it will remain much more low-key than that. The Thai government is already flapping around like demented seals trying to change the laws again to make recreational cannabis prohibited again. But it looks like the cat is already out of the bag. The only place where recreational cannabis seems to be an issue in Thailand is on the news being used politically by dodgy governments and politicians. In fact, these are the sort of folks who need a spliff or two.


Regardless of what happens going forward with any potential law changes, it seems like decriminalized cannabis is going to stay. That might not be a reliable cornerstone to build the Thailand cannabis tourism sector, but at least it’s a start. Even if they do alter the law, it will only affect recreational cannabis. But as I said, it might be almost impossible to make it illegal again.


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