How To Make and Smoke Bucket Bongs

There are times when a spliff, blunt, or pipe is simply not enough. If that is the case it is time to reach out for mind-blowing bucket bongs.

To help you make the most of this cool cannabis experience here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make and smoke bucket bongs. Fasten those imaginary safety belts, it is going to be an interesting ride!

A Simple Way to Reach a Real High

Bucket bongs have various other names including being called a gravity bong, grav, GB, geeb, and a ghetto bong. A gravity bong describes both a bucket bong and a waterfall bong because both methods use air pressure and water to draw ganja smoke.

However, there is a difference between a bucket bong and a waterfall bong. The bucket bong is made using two containers, and the waterfall bong uses only one.

As we are describing the bucket bong below let’s explain how it works before getting into 10 easy steps on how to make and smoke bucket bongs. While the process may appear complicated it is not.

All you need are some common household items, a little patience, some creative thinking, and a strong determination to make it work. As long as you have the materials listed below at home, your bucket bongs should be ready to blow you away in less than 10 minutes.

How Does a Bucket Bong Work?

As mentioned, two containers (in this case a bucket and a bottle) are required to construct your bucket bong. The bucket is filled with water while the smaller bottle needs some modification (described below). When the bottle is ready it will have an attached “bowl” (the modified bottle top) and an open bottom. The smaller container is then placed into the larger one.

Once the bottle is submerged into the bucket (almost to the bottle top bowl) the weed is lit. From there, you then bring the bottle upwards. This causes a pressure difference with the effect being that smoke fills the bottle.

When full of smoke, remove the bottle top, put your lips around the top of the bottle, and inhale as you gently push the bottle back down. That process will allow gravity to propel the cannabis smoke into your lungs. The result? A guaranteed hit to remember!

The above is a brief explanation of how a bucket bongs work. The step-by-step guide below lays out the simple process of how to build your very own bucket bong.

10 Steps to Build a Bucket Bong & Reap the Reward

Here is your step-by-step guide on how to build your bucket bong. Once completed you will be ready to reap the reward by taking some powerfully deep blasts from it!

Step #1 – What you will need:

All of the materials listed below are common household items. Just double-check you have everything at hand before getting started:

  • 1 small plastic bottle with a cap (this can be any size but the 16-20 oz is a good shout).
  • Bucket (if you do not have a bucket use a large (2-liter plastic bottle).
  • Aluminum foil.
  • A sharp box cutter, knife, or scissors.
  • Poking device (Pin/Needle/Toothpick).
  • Ganja (It is recommended you use at least 1 gram).

Step #2 – Prepare your bucket and cut the bottle(s):

Use the box cutter/knife to cut the bottom off the smaller bottle. The larger the finished cut bottle is, the larger the hit. If you are using a bucket, fill it almost full with water (2 or 3 inches from the top is sufficient).

If you do not have a bucket, use a large bottle and cut off the top (about 1/3rd of the way down). This larger bottle will act as your ‘’bucket’. Fill that almost to the top with water.

Step #3 – Make a hole in the bottle cap:

Take off the cap from your small bottle and use the box cutter/knife/scissors to make a hole in the cap. The hole needs to be large enough to draw air through. Make sure the hole is not too big otherwise your foil and weed could fall through it into the water.

Step #4 – Shape a foil bowl:

Cut a reasonable size piece of foil. It needs to be of a size that will allow you to wrap it around the cap while also creating a small “bowl” indent that will fit in your cut bottle top bowl opening. This bowl can be as deep as you want because it will hold and protect your weed from falling into the water.

Be patient while you fashion the bowl. You want it to be a neat cap fit but with enough spare to fashion the bowl. If needs be, trim any excess foil from the cap to give your aluminum bowl a firm hold.

Step #5 – Poke holes in your foil bowl:

Use any of the poking tools mentioned above to make holes in the aluminum foil bowl you have created. Take your time here because you do not want to rip the foil. What you need is between 3 and 5 holes to achieve correct ventilation.

Step #6 – Load your weed:

Load your weed into the DIY foil-covered bottle cap bowl. Carefully set it aside and do not screw it back onto the small bottle just yet.

Step #7 – Submerge your small water bottle and have the cap at hand:

This is where things can get a little tricky. Just take your time. Submerge your smaller bottle into the filled water bucket. Keep going until only the cap section remains above the water.

Take your foil-wrapped bottle cap (full of your weed) and carefully screw it back onto the submerged bottle. The reason for care is that you do not want any of your weed to spill out of your cap bowl into the water.

Step #8 – Spark up your weed:

As you light your weed, slowly pull the smaller bottle upwards and out of the water. When doing this the bottle should fill with smoke.

Tip: If you find the bottle is not filling up with smoke this could be because the cap has not been fully screwed on or you have holes in the side of your bottle. Check this is not the case because any leaks will compromise the effectiveness of your bucket bongs. With some adjustments along with trial and error, you will get it right.

Step #9 – Unscrew the cap bowl

Once your small bottle has filled with smoke it is time to carefully unscrew the cap and then place your mouth over the bottle opening.

Step #10 – Gently and gradually push the bottle down into the water

With your mouth over the bottle opening, gently and slowly push the bottle back into the water. As the water enters the bottle it pushes the smoke up the bottle, past your lips, and into your lungs. Result: A stunning hit that will get you exactly where you want to be!

Tip: Steady away! Because the smoke you will be inhaling has been filtered through the water it will be cooler. That should not mislead you into thinking the coolness will affect the powerful THC hit you will get. So, do not inhale too much of the smoke on your first go (you can always go back for more!) Coughing fits are not what you are after.

Do Bucket Bongs Get You Higher?

Oh YES! Because bucket bongs force heavily concentrated smoke into your lungs you are taking onboard a bigger hit than you would get from a joint or a pipe. Just remember, getting a bucket bong right means a mighty powerful hit. That is because you will be inhaling the entire weed content of your bowl.

With such an effect it should tell you that this is not the best method for novice smokers to try. If that is you it would be better to try other methods of cannabis consumption first. From there you can gradually build up to giving a mind-blowing bucket bong a blast!

Word of caution: Research is still being conducted to see if smoking through plastic impacts a user’s health. Just be aware of the risks and proceed with caution. The alternative is to purchase glass or silicone smoking devices.

A Bucket Bong Gives a Bang!

Anyone who tries a bucket bong will join the club of those who know exactly what a buzz it can give. Bucket bongs are easy to make and are a great choice for parties or when relaxing with friends. Just be aware of the powerful hit you can expect and take things steadily!

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