Is Buying Weed in Thailand Legal?

buying weed in thailand

All my friends ask if buying weed in Thailand legally is really a thing. I can’t wait to tell them ‘YES’ in my most triumphant and jubilant tone. Those of us ganja smokers that lived in Thailand for many years under the previous draconian cannabis laws still can’t believe what’s happened. It’s like going to sleep in a catholic monetary and waking up in a combination of Las Vegas and Amsterdam.

But what does it really mean? Can I just go to a store and buy cannabis in Thailand? Yes, you can, but it’s a bit more nuanced than that. Not everything in life is perfect, but if you are heading in the right direction, it’s a good start. And cannabis decriminalization/legalization in Thailand is one small step for mankind but a massive leap for stoners. Thailand has always been a great place to live and holiday, but now it’s even better. Let’s find out more about buying weed in Thailand.

Where Can I Legally Buy weed in Thailand?

From any licensed store, person, dispensary, or vendor. The key word here is ‘licensed’. It’s not that difficult to get a Ganja license if you are Thai. The truth is that anyone can grow an unlimited amount of cannabis in Thailand. But if you are growing to sell or want to set up a Thailand weed store or dispensary, you’ll need to have a license. For the first several months of cannabis legalization, the Thai government threw out licenses like a Frisbee, although that has slowed down a bit now.

But it is still not difficult to obtain a cannabis license from the Thai government. If you are just a solitary cannabis smoker, buying weed in Thailand is easier than hiring out a jet ski and with much less risk. Joking aside, you don’t need a license or anything really to buy weed legally in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai, or anywhere else in Thailand.

But, where can I buy it?

Calm down for a second because you don’t need a guide to buying weed in Thailand. Anyone 21 years old and over can buy it. Here are a couple of the safest avenues to buying weed in Thailand as an ex-pat, holidaymaker, or a Thai.

Buying weed In Thailand in the Store

I remember visiting the Grasshopper Coffee Shop in Amsterdam in the mid-1990s. I wondered why the entire planet couldn’t do the same thing. It seemed so civilized. I’m not a drug addict, I am a cannabis smoker. The only rules I have ever broken are cannabis prohibition laws, so it seemed strange that I could be deemed a criminal for consuming beneficial herbs.

Thailand’s weed stores and dispensaries might seem the same as Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops but there are a few major differences. The main one is that you cannot smoke ganja in Thai weed stores.

However, aside from that technicality, it’s pretty much the same. Thailand cannabis dispensaries have menus that list a vast array of cannabis flowers that have high THC content. You can literally go into the store, peruse the menu and buy the cannabis of your choice. It really is that simple. And there seems to be a Thai weed shop on almost every corner of every town and city so buying weed in Thailand is very simple.

Buying Thailand Cannabis Online

Another alternative for buying weed in Thailand is online. There are a number of cannabis websites where you can order weed and have it delivered to your door. Some of these websites can even get a motorbike taxi to deliver directly to you within an hour. This is generally true in major cities like Bangkok ad Pattaya.

But even if you are in a more remote location, you can order weed online in Thailand and it will be delivered to your door via the post.

However, I would personally recommend that when buying weed in Thailand, you should probably buy it from a licensed store. This is because you can touch, smell and see the cannabis you want to buy. I have ordered cannabis online before and it didn’t even look like the stuff in the photos, so you have been warned.

Can I Smoke Ganja Anywhere in Thailand?

No, you can’t. But let’s be honest, it’s not like you can drink a bottle of whisky in public in any western nation. Essentially, you can’t just start smoking a big fat spliff in public. You are not even allowed to smoke cannabis in Thailand weed stores either. It’s against the law to smoke cannabis in Thailand in a public place. But you might find weed stores that let you smoke on-site, but you really are taking the law into your own hands.

If you live in Thailand, I advise you to buy cannabis and smoke it in the privacy of your own home. As a tourist, it might be difficult to blaze one up in your hotel room as most have smoking bans in general. And in this case, you are going to need to get creative. But please always be careful if smoking outdoors in Thailand.

Are the Thai Government Going to Reverse Cannabis Laws?

Maybe, but it’s not like they can just reverse such a decision because its legality has been ratified by law. Buying weed in Thailand without any restrictions is still in place. Anyone of legal age can do that without limitations at the moment. There are only 7 places in the world where you can buy both recreational and medical cannabis. There are over 50 countries where medical cannabis is legal, but not recreational purchases.

There are rumors that the Thai government might restrict the sale of recreational cannabis in the future. But it’s believed that the purchase of medical cannabis will stay the same. At this time, we are just speculating, so better not to get too worried at this point. The worst-case scenario seems to be at the very worst that cannabis stays decimalized but might be limited to medical use.

Buying weed in Thailand legally over the last year or so has been an eye-opening experience. The only negative talk seems to come from various news channels that have lined themselves with certain political parties. There has been so much investment in the Thailand cannabis scene over the past 12 months that can’t really be turned around and reversed. It’s also going to be very difficult for any political party in Thailand to make it illegal again, thank god!

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