best weed store nana plaza
best weed store nana plaza

Lucky Lukes TIki Joint

The popular Lucky Lukes is now Lucky Lukes Tiki Joint.  The Polynesian-style bar is located at the entrance to Nana Plaza, where we have kept the Tiki decor to bring the holiday to you. After all, you didn’t come to Thailand just to work hard; you came to escape from the stresses of daily life.

Now thanks to our Tiki-style bar (aptly named ‘Tiki Joint’), you can enjoy the beach atmosphere that the Polynesian people are great at providing whilst at the same time enjoying some of the finest grade Cannabis in the city.

Lucky Lukes is the only cannabis store in Nana Plaza and one of the best places to buy weed in Bangkok.  Not only do the have a large selections of cannabis strains but they also have; papers, bongs, glass pipes, grinds, hats, t-shirts rolling trays and other accessories.  Lucky Lukes Tiki Joint also stocks Cannabis Gummies.

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