New Canna Drinks In Thailand (Sold In 7-11)

Did you know there is a load of new canna drinks in Thailand for purchase in 7-11? When it comes to the legalization of growing and selling cannabis in South East Asia, Thailand is leading the way. Industry initiatives already in place mean there is a multitude of ways to offer cannabis to consumers.

This article is not about the abundance of outlets selling cannabis containing varying amounts of THC. Nor will we get into the continual increase in available products for medical purposes that come with strictly defined CBD content.

What will be explained is an emerging sector of an already very healthy beverage market. That is the new canna drinks which are now being sold in 7-11 stores throughout Thailand.

The sale and consumption of canna drinks are expected to grow rapidly year on year and become very profitable for the beverage industry. It is also forecasted that new entrants and retailers will find niche opportunities to profit from as new products are introduced.

As Outlets go – 7-11 Stores in Thailand are out of Sight!

The first Thai 7-11 opened in central Bangkok in 1989. Since then the 7-11 owner and franchisor in Thailand, CP ALL Public Company Limited has seen continuous expansion to the point where estimates put the number of 7-11 stores currently open for business at around 13,000. This places the Kingdom second only to Japan in terms of 7-11 store numbers.

The chain consists of around 45% company owned and 55% franchised shops throughout the country. Every major city, town, and many rural areas have 7-11s and part of this success comes from the fact they operate on a 24/7 basis.

Thailand’s 7-11 stores supply customers with a wide variety of services and goods. This includes one-stop banking, bill paying, mobile top-up, the sale of household goods, snacks, and a wide selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. As individual stores continue to modernize many now also offer ‘cafe’ facilities for customers to sit and relax in.

The above stats, products, and services available in Thailand’s many 7-11 stores mean that when looking at an outlet to market new products there is no better place to start. That is exactly what some leading beverage companies have done to promote their signature canna drinks.

We shall shortly get into companies that are leading the way and the types of canna drinks they currently offer. But one thing is for sure, the line of cannabis-infused drinks offered is set to boom.

Before that, let’s consider what category cannabis beverages are being classed as and the wellness benefits the industry claims they offer.

What Qualifies as a Cannabis Beverage?

The easiest way to define a cannabis beverage is a liquid containing cannabis extract. That is regardless of whether it comes with THC, CBD, or both. Limits on the amount of THC or CBD contained in these drinks vary from country to country.

However, the current legal ruling in Thailand regarding THC limits in drinks has been set. The country’s MoPHT (Ministry of Public Health Thailand) states that less than 0.015 milligrams per 100 milliliters of drink are that limit.

As would be expected, cannabis drinks come in a wide range of choices. Here are some of the main categories that are expected to dominate the legal consumer choice offered by 7-11 stores in Thailand:

Water, carbonated drinks, iced tea, iced coffee, lemonade, and fruit drinks, along with sports and energy drinks.

The Wellness Benefits of Canna Drinks

Thailand’s major beverage manufacturers are ramping up their marketing of canna drinks based on the wellness benefits offered. It is the plant’s supposed health benefits that they see as being of particular interest to consumers who are conscious of what they put into their bodies.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Anxiety relief: In low doses, CBD and THC can provide anxiolytic effects.


  • Pain relief: CBD and THC have analgesic (pain-relieving) and anti-inflammatory properties that are capable of working throughout the body.


  • Antidepressant effects: The antidepressant effects of CBD are touted to work alongside the mentioned anti-anxiety effects.


  • Promotes wakefulness: In low doses, CBD is said to promote wakefulness and make users more alert.


  • Skincare: Along with the mentioned anti-inflammatory effect, CBD can help promote healthy skin through the reduction of excess oil production.


  • Mood enhancer: Both THC and to a lesser extent CBD are slated as giving users enhanced euphoric effects. This can improve a person’s mood. 


Canna Drinks Currently on Offer in Thailand’s 7-11 Stores

Three major players in Thailand’s beverage industry have wasted very little time in introducing canna drinks into the 7-11 network of stores. They are also showing serious intent to capitalize on cannabis-based beverages by setting aside multi-million baht budgets to promote initial products and to gradually introduce new canna drinks to Thai consumers.

Let’s take a look at each in turn:

Ichitan Group

As the nation’s biggest producer of bottled tea products, the Ichitan Group has launched 2 new drinks containing terpenes. Terpenes are the compounds that give you that ganja smell.

The company has launched its initial bottled tea drinks aimed at those looking to relax as opposed to the party crowd. One is a camomile green tea that comes with a terpene-scented, sugar-free taste. The second is a sweet green tea that includes lemon and is terpene-scented.

Neither of these drinks contains cannabidiol or any other psychoactive elements. They have been priced very competitively and their target demographic is aimed at the “urban new generation”.

Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd – A Partnership of Strength

Two giants of Thailand’s beverage industry; Osotspa Public Company Limited and Yanhee Vitamin Water Company Limited have partnered to form Osotspa Yanhee Beverage Co., Ltd. Their aim is to establish themselves as the major player in the cannabis-based and hemp-based beverage market.

The company’s first product launched is Yanhee Cannabis Water and it is now available in 7-11 stores across the Kingdom. This is being marketed as a differentiated mood-enhancing water that is made from real cannabis leaf extracts and includes Vitamin B12. The water is sugar-free and comes with a lavender and mixed berries scent.

The newly formed company’s first foray into cannabis-infused beverages corresponds with the healthcare trends and lifestyles of the new generation. It has been created under the happiness concept and the company’s intention is to generate awareness and trust in what they see as a healthy beverage for everyday life.

Drinking Yanhee Cannabis Water with Vitamin B12 is being promoted as a healthy beverage for everyday life. One that will keep people refreshed and relaxed throughout the day.

Thailand’s Canna Beverages are set to Flourish

With huge government support and significant investment from major beverage companies, it is clear that canna drinks in a variety of different forms are set to flourish in Thailand.

These drinks are aimed at the new generation of Thai consumers. Those who are looking to benefit from a more active lifestyle and the health benefits cannabis-infused drinks can offer.

One thing is for sure, with the huge amount of 7-11 stores in Thailand that are open 24/7, consumers will not struggle to find legal canna drinks for sale. Those living in or visiting Thailand who have not yet sampled canna drinks now have the opportunity to do so.

That can easily be achieved by popping into the next 7-11 you are passing (there is probably one on the next corner!)

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