What to Do When You Are High?

There are loads of cool and fun things to do when you are high on cannabis. Right off the bat, things you shouldn’t do when stoned are operating heavy machinery, driving your articulated truck on long journeys, or at all! Joking aside, when most people get high, watching movies on Netflix or chomping down some munchies is about all we can handle. But some smokers are high-functioning stoners that can’t just sit around and enjoy their high like normal folks.

If you are thinking about what to do when you are high, it probably depends on just how high you are. If you’ve been smoking a sativa blend, you are ready to get some things done or to create some kind of art. But if you’ve been smoking the indica strains, it’s probably time to sit your asses down and enjoy the internal journey. Here are some ideas of the things you can do when blasted on da herb!

#1 – Sleeping Off the Indica

Smoking indica-type weed is fantastic if you are looking for some pain relief or a cure for insomnia. And if so, one of the things I do is take a quick afternoon power nap. Indica weed strains like Bubba Kush, Northern Lights, Purple Punch, and Ice Cream Cake are great for relaxation, but sometimes you can’t do anything but have a good little sleep. Don’t fight it; embrace it. Take a weed nap, and afterward, everything should be great with your universe for the rest of the day.

#2: A Spot of Meditation

Meditation can be a difficult mental state for most people to attain. And although there are not many studies on this, I have always found that smoking weed and meditation are fantastic bedfellows. Smoking an indica can really get you into a trance-like state similar to meditation, and in some cases, it can be the ideal shortcut to get there rapidly. It focuses your concentration and allows you to make inner connections with your own consciousness. Try it out and let me know what happens.

#3: Listen to some music

Smoking weed and listening to music is the perfect combination that anyone could ever wish for. I used to think I enjoyed listening to music, but then, when I got stoned for the first time, all of a sudden, the music took on a different meaning and feeling.

I personally blame Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill for my connection between weed and music, but that experience is very personal from stoner to stoner. Smoke a blunt, put on your headphones, break out your Spotify account, and the night will be over before you know it.

#4 – Do Some Exercise

I know this might sound absolutely mental and counter-intuitive, but did you think about doing some exercises when you were high? People like Joe Rogan swear by smoking weed and then lifting some weights. You could replace that with some light jogging or even a bit of yoga.

It’s not that burning herbs helps you exercise more, but it does actually make the experience much more enjoyable, and that is usually a major drawback of doing physical exercise. Smoking weed makes exercising less of a chore and something to look forward to.

#5: Playing video games

Have you noticed how cannabis can make you focus more on the things you like? It seems to make you better at things you like to do and worse at things you do not like to do. Playing video games while stoned can take on a whole new world of its own. You can really get into the game in a way that you can’t when playing straight.

#6: Have Deep and Meaningful Conversations

Getting stoned on your own is great, but getting high with like-minded friends is even better, especially if they love to have deep conversations about life and philosophy. Talking about David Icke and his shape-shifting reptilian overlords seems much more fun when stoned. Get high with your friends and see where the conversation goes. If you are unsure of what to do when you are high, get your conversation on.

#7: Reading Books

If you are an introverted stoner like me who loves weed strains that lean on the sativa side, reading books can be an amazing experience. When stoned, visual works like books take on a new meaning and can even come alive right before your eyes. I can really get lost in a good book when stoned, but it usually has to be a fiction novel when I’m blasted, as opposed to a work of non-fiction, but that’s just me.

#8: Get Your Art On

The majority of artists will tell you that a good sativa strain can really lubricate the wheels of art and creation. It’s no coincidence that some of the most famous songwriters and painters of all time were chronic weed smokers. I didn’t even realize that I had a penchant for making hip-hop beats until I started consuming cannabis, and you might find out something similar about yourself.

#9: Having Sex

Some people can get heightened orgasms when they are stoned. It doesn’t work like that for everyone, but for others, it can be a mind-blowing experience. I find that smoking a spliff can be fantastic for intense orgasms, but sometimes it can be difficult to attain sexual climax when high. But when you do, it can knock your socks off or even take an eye out if you are not careful. Give it a try because it could be one of the best weed experiences ever.

#10: Watching movies with friends
What to do when u are high

If you are looking for ideas on what to do when you are high, I highly recommend watching movies with friends after smoking a bong or two. Cannabis can really help you forget the outside world so that you can focus solely on the movie and get into it like never before. It’s even better if you are watching a comedy film like Monty Python and the Holy Grail or one of the Cheech and Chong stoner movie classics.

Getting High and Doing Stuff

Most critics wrongly assume that stoners are lazy and always say “Whoa Dude” like Steve-O from Jackass, but that’s a common misconception. I love to do stuff when high, especially if I have been smoking a sativa-dominant cannabis strain. Exercising when high or having cool conversations with friends is the opposite of sitting there in a trance like a couch potato, but each to their own.

At Luke’s Tiki Joint Bangkok cannabis dispensary, you can obtain some of the best cannabis strains in the world. But I’d advise you to plan something beforehand, or you might just end up choosing my first option of sleeping the afternoon away. Get creative or artistic, or at the very least, you can catch a movie with friends, listen to some music, or catapult yourself into a world of endless consciousness by meditating. Get stoned, enjoy yourself, and don’t let those stoner stereotypes define your high life.
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